HUD button

After the new update, the Systems screen changed. The button HUD is also placed in that Systems screen. The problem is: there are 3 choises: HUD, HUD min. and HUD Off. Everytime you click once, the button will change color from black to orange or orange to black. Example:

Hud - black
Hud min. - orange
Hud off - black
Hud -orange
Hud min. -black
Hud off -orange

As you can see in the example, the hud min. for example is the first time orange, the second time black. For hud and hud off that’s also the case

I hope I maked myself clear, because this is difficult to explane.

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i know what you mean, but this isnt really a problem. it doesnt effect us flying


Basically what you’re saying is:

  • There are 3 different states available for the function. On, Min & Off
  • Problem is the button are either highlighted or not. And as that’s only 2 options, wether or not it’s highlighted will get out of sync because there are 3 states of the function.

Am i understanding you right? :)


Maybe just have the button always light up unless there is no HUD, have it dim with the middle HUD setting, or just not light up at all.

Jup you’re right. It isn’t a big problem for flying but is just a minor mistake/bug

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