Hub Hopping: Delta Airlines | 16/17AUG23

Fax he should have

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Event bump.

I’ll join legs 4 and 5 in the A321!

Roger that.

I think I’ll be able to come

Would you like to sign up for any of the routes?

Event Announcement

This event has been pushed forward a day. All times have been switched so be sure to check them all out. If you are unable to attend a flight, please let me know.

I don’t think I’ll be able to make leg 5 anymore, so could you sign me up for leg 6 instead? Thanks!

Roger that.

A320 please DTW-MSP

Or any gate this fits at:

If I can’t have that then I’ll take 737-800 on both flights

Signed up!

I’ll try and come to a later leg

Actually I prob be able to come to all of them but not for sure, I’ll just be camping that day but at least it has wifi

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You can sign me up for the flights, can I possibly fly a330 from jfk to atl

Sure thing.

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Thanks man

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3 days until the event!


Can I do this
KBOS to KJFK. A7. E175

KJFK to KATL (already signed up)

KATL to KDTW. E29. A350

KDTW. to KMSP. A36. 737-900

KMSP to KSLC. Any gate that fits A330n

KSLC to KLAX. A11. A321

KLAX to KSEA. 26. 737-800

Let me know if this can work or not.

You can switch me with gates if there already taken