Hub for tomorrow

Is the HUB for tomorrow Jeddah?

My best guess for the HUB tomorrow is Abu Dhabi, or what you suggested Jeddah. It could also be Cairo or Kuwait.

This is only my guess, do comment to me if I am wrong about this.

I’m not completely sure it’s a hub, but considering it’s a big airport in general and a hub for Saudia. It will surely be staffed!

All are HUBs in my opinion. Lots of routes, aircrafts, liveries, and destinations! Kind of like a free for all! 🙂

But if absolutely want a concrete answer, the airports with the astrick (meaning ATC in the check-rise phase are not to open) usually indicates heavy traffic where experienced ATC should only open, so my best bet would be those airports.

By the looks of it, Beirut may be expecting heavy traffic? Who know though…

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