Hub airports for Saturday's around the world in 24 hours event?

Is there going to be hub airports for the Saturday Around The World In 24 Hours! Event?
Or like what will the most popular airports in each region?


I think its ATC choice but I could be wrong. So most likely at least one hub airport will be open by IFATC.

Well I’ll be covering western Canada, so come fly out there! ;)

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I hope Hawaii gets covered by someone too!

They are keeping focus on the most popular ones but is ATC choice

Ok what airports do u think will be the most popular?

It depends of the region, probably the most busy and famous for the principal hub and some other ones, if in Europe, they can open the most famous ones like EDDF, EHAM, EGLL…

how about the first region (Africa)?

That would most likely be Dubai, which is where I’m flying over to now :)

Dubai isn’t in the 1st region

Here is all the info you need ATC Schedule • 18-24 May 2020

Yes it is.

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My idea of what the hubs for each region will be:

Oceania/East Asia

  • NZAA
  • YSSY
  • RJTT
  • RKSI
  • WSSS
  • VHHH

Africa/West Asia

  • OMDB
  • OTHH
  • FAOR


  • EGLL
  • EDDF
  • LFPG

North/South America

  • KJFK
  • KLAX
  • KORD
  • SBGR

Basically the region’s busiest airports will be the hotspots for tomorrow.

Yeah im not sure but maybe it says ATC choice so it could be any airport

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