HUB airport tommorow

I looked at the ATC schedule fo this upcoming week and I saw that today was KLSV but more people went to KNUC which was further down the list, how can I know which airport will be the one with ATC tommorow?


Oops I’ll change to live

You’ll find out tomorrow when IFATC shows up.

Whichever one pilots decide to swarm to on the server status page. (FYI, I don’t believe they’re listed in any particular order.)


HKJK has the greatest number of inbounds at the moment, so I trust that will be opened tomorrow as has been indicated by previous trends of IFATC airport selection. With that being said, however, IFATC don’t necessarily have to open the airport with the most inbounds, so I suggest you select one featured airport to which to fly. In theory, you have an equal chance of any of them getting ATC tomorrow.


Okay will do thanks guys.

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