Huawei's Problem with Google Services

Device: Honor 9C
Operating system: Android 10; Magic Ui 3.1.0

Please help me! On some versions of huawei, honor there are no google services before I could log in to the game and after updating the game I can’t log in.

Ideally, this problem can be solved by connecting infinity flight simulator to the game services built into the AppGallery (to the huawei account).

Or release an apk file without google services, which should be easier to implement. Please take this problem seriously because a large number of people cannot play because of this problem. If I’m wrong somewhere, please correct me and not scold me :)

Hey there!

Sorry to hear about your trouble with Infinite Flight on a Huawei device. Unfortunately, devices released after the Google ban cannot run IF properly, or at all. Workarounds such as after-market installation of the Google services won’t work either, since every device that is to have IF installed needs to go through something called “Play Protect Certification” - which cannot happen with unofficial installations of Google’s services. It’s also not legal, so I do not condone it and will not give any insight as to how to do it.

As far as I know, the Infinite Flight team does not have any plans to support modern Huawei devices at this time. This, however, may change in the future, so I’d suggest you keep an eye out for if/when they do decide to support them.

For now, there really isn’t much you can do, apart from play on a device from a different manufacturer you may have in the house.

My apologies if this isn’t helpful, it’s simply your only option currently.


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