Huawei P10

Hi, I just found my old Huawei and was wondering what setting should I run it on?

Well, why don’t you try out different settings and see what works best for you? :)

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Why don’t you try and see if your model is on this thread:

If not, you can help it out by testing the best settings for the device!


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Hi, worked it out thanks for the help!

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No problem!

Hey, I have a P10 Lite from 2017, and it still works with low/low, no anti aliasing and limit frame rate. If you deactivate limit frame rate, it overheats. Sometimes it overheats with the limit rate on.
Imo, don’t fly too long, don’t let your device with the cooler blocked by something and have a fan on near the phone!
TL:DR use another device if possible cause it overheats.

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