Huawei Mate 10 Lite "Not Working"

After purchase when i turn on Game its keep on crash some time show notice and sometimes without notice. When i download from wifi itsnt work but download with cellular data. When i click on fly i keep on see “Loading” after u hear sound but keep loading screen i click back to close then i start see buttons but game still not working even buttons.
I Add pictures with my gpu info and that i even try to use low graphics.

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Can you provide us more details of your WiFi? Also, have you already tried reinstalling the app?

Yes i tried reinstall the app still the problem is same. Well wifi isnt a problem i used cellular data to download planes but problem is when the games isnt working what should i do with planes. Brother. As i shared the picture when i click on “Fly” then i saw an Loading Screen but games havnt started. After a while i start hear audio of plane engine but still loading screen after very long wait when i click on “Back” button from mobile then i see buttons i also shared that picture. My cell phone is running on 7.0 Oreo with 4 gb ram and mali gpu

As shown in the picture, your internet isn’t very good. 6.3K/s or 24.6K/s isn’t very much. I don’t think that it is enough to play Global.
It’s normal to hear the engine sound before you spawn since the download of the terrain takes longer.

@Starley no.

It’s because of your CPU+GPU, your combination doesn’t work well with IF.

Snapdragons and Adrenos are the best with IF

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Brother i m not playing global i am playing solo for solo internet isn’t compolsory. I used 4G internet for downloads. The game start working perfect. The problem is its kinda complicated but while charging the game wont work but after take off from charging and play thr work fine to me now.

That’s very strange… And if you play solo, you also need to stream the terrain so you need a good internet connection for both online AND solo.
@dush19 Obviously, it can run Infinite Flight (even though he is saying that he needs to unplug it from the charger). The Mate 10 Lite is a good phone.

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Yes i think bcz the game wont work and too many lags on high graphics its work normal with medium and work perfect on low graphics now.