HUAR problem

Thank you for the fast reply!
This community is great!
(so is the game)

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Not having much luck with airports, are you?😂


@Shane_Cullen puts this in a nutshell lol
What country are these airports in?

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No, LOL.
I just like flying in that area, and i sometimes find a few things :)

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What region of the world though? This could have something to do with these airports not being edited yet

HUAR is in Uganda.

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They seem to be in Uganda.

Yeah, a lot airports in Africa are unedited, that could be it

oh, oops, you replied when i was typing! LOL.

Thank you for the report. I believe you contacted us yesterday about a different airport with the same issue in the same region. The issue is that the elevation of the airport is set at 0 as the ground is a couple thousand feet above. They will update it in the next scenery update. Thank you for your understanding and the Airport Editing Team has been notifided if this issue

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Indeed, i will stop reporting now.
I don’t want to sound like some jerk…

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Definitely report issues man, it’s the only way they’ll get fixed

You are perfectly fine. With this report, we now know that multiple airports in the African region need to be updated. Thank you!

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I might also stop flying in tiny airports in Uganda.
(I was travelling Africa in an F-14, that’s how I found them) LOL

Hello! 👋🏻

Don’t be afraid to report issues like this. The Airport Editing Team is here to fix issues just like this one. HUAR has yet to be edited yet, most issues occur because of that reason. The team is well aware of this issue and other issues just like this and I can assure you that it will be fixed in the Late December/ Early January Scenery Push.

We could always use help though to edit all of the airports on the globe and we would love to have you be apart of the project!

Apply for the IFAET here: Getting started with Infinite Flight Airport Editing

Airport Editor


Thank you!
This community is by far the best i have ever been in!
Thank you for your understanding, fast replies and the fact that you actually take care of these problems!

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Yep! That sounds like this place to me!

That’s what we are here for :)

Thanks, guys :)

Issue fixed by @Balloonchaser