Http:// needs a little more focus

On this site, there was a slight disagreement between myself and @Maxmustang . His comments mentioned the unused, less viewed, request site. He had a good point. So here is what I ask. Could some of you do more on that site? Probably half here and half there? I would appreciate that.


@matt @philippe, could you please update outdated ideas like “in review” ones that are already in infinite flight? I would appreciate that.


@El_Alex … “Grate Minds”. Darwin was right we all evolve over time. Not a disagreement my friend Alex just an alternate view!
(The Issue: the In-App Feedback Aircraft/Livery Request & Vote. Is it a Dinosaur to be replace by this Forum) Warm Regards, Mad Max

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A slight wording difference. “Some people just … think of things a different way.” (I don’t know who originally said it)

That website in my opinion could use a lot of tidying. There are hundreds of topics, most containing the same topic. It needs to be fixed in my opinion and then the site could really excel.

Haven’t used the site in 1-2 years now.

Long live the DC-9!

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