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I want to make a really nice new thread for Virgin America Virtual utilizing a lot of HTML. Only thing is, I can’t make it work. What are the limitations of using HTML for formatting? What commands are excluded? Can I use <script>? What about <iframe>? Any help would be much appreciated.

Now, onto my second, somewhat related question, In your opinion, what makes a good thread?

  • Long Length
  • Lots of Images
  • Lots of bold, italics, etc.
  • Lots of dividers

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I wouldn’t say that the formatting makes a good thread. What’s in the thread is what makes it good. The meat. You don’t need a certain amount of italics, or dividers, or anything. You need an intriguing thread that will make your VA thread pop, make it exciting, make it fun! There is no quota for formatting. Just make it eye-appealing.


It’s best to try this in a PM to see if these HTML features work. There are definitely some restrictions and exclusions on which formatting codes can be used. I am unsure of which specific ones, however. Usually if I’m experimenting, I just open a PM with myself and attempt to input these commands to see if they work (I’m big on formatting my topics nicely).

All of the typical HTML formatting features do work here though.


I’d also like to echo Ethan’s words above.

I strongly encourage using HTML formatting for any topic you create. It definitely improves your thread a lot and makes it visually appealing. This is not the secret recipe to making a “good” topic though – “good” is a relative term here. You can find plenty of topics that don’t have any formatting at all and still attracted the community in some way. Plus, if you’re going to decide to use HTML formatting, it must be used appropriately, in my opinion. The format should be consistent and transitions should be smooth.

Just make sure your topic contains a lot of information, facts, opinions, and visuals and you will surely captivate your audience and start interesting discussions. :)


As you could see here: Explore a CEO inside of you

Some of the functions work. I’ve used a with and id and a separate with an anchor

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The most important thing is the content. You can do it as long as you like, put tons of dividers, bold italic or whatever style you want.

But if you swear in the end you’ll get only flags

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Quality over Quantity, it’s always best to create something short and meaningful, then long and confusing :-)


**hello it’s test comment **hello

In the words of Richard Pryor (Showing my age) non of the above.

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