[HTML][CSS] Website template collection

The writing is so close to the edge of the screen

Will fix in the near future.

Fixed the writing issue: https://github.com/GiacomoLaw/va-website-template/commit/d295188b8a43bbf4855075dd4d5ea53d3745d24e

Currently updating the site.

Those were not my screenshots, they were @Ben_Schenk’s.

Sorry, I forgot to update the example site! Will do now.

EDIT: Done!

Painful to read, ads killing me, and none of the photos work. Sorry.

No ads anywhere, and photo’s do work…

I’ve also made a super simple template here: https://github.com/GiacomoLaw/simple-website-template

It’s very bare bones, but it is designed for people that don’t have programming knowledge. You can view the template as it comes here: https://giacomolaw.github.io/simple-website-template/, or see a slightly edited version that is in use here: https://if-apps.github.io/

Think you got things the wrong way around here.

Your normal template is better for non-coders because it looks good already.

Your barebones one is better for coders to come in and customise.

IMHO anyway

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To be honest, in these situations I’d just write my own (I prefer writing from scratch than refactoring a lot). The basic one is “safer” for noobs :)

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Good luck trying to write a website from scratch :)

TBH most of the VA community don’t have the skills/time/motivation for a Non-Weebly/Wix website. I suppose this is here for those who want it.


Err… in HTML, no thanks, but give me React and I’ll gladly do it :P

But good point. I think it’d be cool if VAs stepped out of their comfort zone, it’s quite rewarding to develop something yourself.


I meant

Puns aside, it’s something I’ve been considering doing for a while, but it’s a lot of work for someone being honest already puts his time into too many things already.


Your puns are AWFUL. I’m considering flagging this 😒


True, good point. :)

He doesn’t seem to listen, I’ve given up :/


Funny, it does work…

No, I do admit you fixed the writing. But I agree with Robert.


@DipperDolphin your website is awful XD with respect XD you arent a web developer are you?

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It’s really not. Which one?