[HTML][CSS] Website template collection

Your permitted to republish the template if modified.

Sorry, made a mistake!

You’re not. Even if you are, at least give credit to the original maker and don’t actually act like it was all made by you… @DipperDolphin

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Credit is in the license for the template. :/

I mean in the actual topic. Bet you 80-90% of the people that will use this template or just people that come on this topic will think it made by you because they didn’t check the licence. I’d be better if you had it in the topic it’s self @DipperDolphin

Woops, put it in the readme.md on git. Will add it here. You don’t need to @ me in every single post…

Thanks @DipperDolphin all I want is people to know what’s going on. I’d guarantee you if I was just going to use the template and I didn’t know it was a modified version of another template I would NOT even have checked the license. Bet many people can relate

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Updated the live demo site:


I can not join this tells me that now it is impossible to fill out the form when I made join now

I know, it is just a template. Its not to join…

how to join then ?

It isn’t anything to join. It is a template for others wanting to make a va website.

It’s not a VA ?

ok haha good bye :)

I’m not gifted I admit :D

@DipperDolphin can I suggest you introduce some left/right padding in the CSS- looking at the demo site it looks quite bad having stuff right on the edge of my monitor.

Otherwise, looks decent.

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Will do sometime soon, when I have time. I’ll add a few px to the border to shove it over a little.

@DipperDolphin can u do wordpress themes? I am struggling with the PHP for it


So that gap is ok

What gap? :/