[HTML][CSS] Website template collection

Here are some HTML and CSS templates you can use for your va website if you want. :)

I’ve made a super simple template here: https://github.com/GiacomoLaw/simple-website-template

It’s very bare bones, but it is designed for people that don’t have programming knowledge. You can view the template as it comes here: https://giacomolaw.github.io/simple-website-template/, or see a slightly edited version that is in use here: https://if-apps.github.io/

Hope you like it!

This template looks like a piece of card on a background:


Here are some examples of it in use:



Thanks mate, very helpful :)

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This is the template that causes compatibility issues. I strongly suggest against this.


No compatibility issues. Works fine on all browsers. Any screenshots to prove this?

I sent you them. To prove my point, I tried on five different laptops around my house. While you may think text off the screen, images all over the place and stretched embedding is OK, if I was grading your VA I would not accept the website, as I stated in my message to you.

This is offtopic, and I’m not sure how much is included in this template you’ve shared, but if it is close enough, it will cause problems.

Guys, stick to weebly or wix. We prefer to know that it’s friendly to all devices.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t see any images or text of the page, and these are your screenshots.


Nor did any of the former users…

Ah. You missed out the screenshots that counted. If you require them, I’ll capture more enlightening photos, as I was short of time when I took those.

Edit: Nevermind, for some reason it’s closed.

Your others. Once again, nothing wrong.

What’s your problem? Why do you try and discredit people of what they have done when there are no problems?

Thanks for showing, as I was unable to re-access your website. I am not discrediting your work, but there is something wrong with the compatibility, as shown with that last photo, although on a phone it seems to be correct. Now I showed this to you, and although you don’t want to change it, I am warning other VA owners of following you, and then their website becomes an issue in their success.

VA Owners, feel free to use this, but you need to be prepared to fix the issues with the template.

Thanks, and good day.

The last photo has no issues… if you want, you can resize the images, or the text. However, it is not an issue. Does anyone else see an issue in those images? I certainly don’t…

I’m making a demo site.

Demo site is up: https://giacomolaw.github.io/va-website-template/

Now you can see there are no problems…

This is what firefox is showing me from a Mac OS

Can you take a screenshot of the whole thing? I believe that may be because of Github pages not handling images well.

The problem is that Git is not handling images well. I’m uploading it to a proper server later today.

Ok, I can wait till then if you would like me to check.

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I know it runs well, it did for my former va. :)

None of the pictures work for me.

Little blue question mark

I know, its the host. Check the code, they are linked correctly. Moving it to a different host.

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Adblocker, not cool :’(

Also, the title is extremely painful for me to read. Java != JavaScript

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I find this website template quite boring and after all ther needs to be some padding added on some elements, and pictures need to be displayed as a block in order to display the text below the picture itself, at least this is the way I prefer it when there is so little text. Also, as Cam stated, you really need to fix the title, it bothers me when people write Java when they actually mean Javascript. They are two whole different things.

@DipperDolphin why arnt you giving the actual link to the full template with the original license and the original copyright in the footer? I’d you’d read the original template license it would tell you that you’re not allowed to remote the copyright.

To prove my point you can go here http://tympanus.net/codrops/2015/08/11/freebie-sedna-one-page-website-template/
Scroll down and it will say " use freely but do not republish or redistribute this template." Or something along those lines.

I know for a fact that this is the template he’s modified. If anyone doubts me , pm me.

I’m not trying to start a argument I’m just saing that what you are doing isn’t right @DipperDolphin