HTDA-HKJK | Kenya air | B737-800

Hi everyone! Today I flown from HTDA to HKJK in the Kenya Air 737-800. The view up there was great so let me share with you guys! Btw this is my first time posting in the #screenshots-and-videos category so my topic, shots might suck but I tried my best so hope you guys like it!

Aircraft: 737-800
Airline: Kenya air
Server: Expert

Start of my flight, taking off from HTDA

Climbing over the beautiful sea!

Cruising at 36000ft, those clouds in the scenery looks great up here!

Starting my decent to HKJK. The mountains looks beautiful!

After a long wait, finally landing!

Busy day at HKJK, safely entered my gate!

That’s all! Hope you guys liked it!

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They are great pictures! Love number 10 :)

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Nice shots! Some nice scenery in this part of the world.
I’m currently doing a flight from FZQA-HKJK in the Kenya 738

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Yes it’s so beautiful here! Enjoy your flight!

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Do you mean sea?
Awesome pictures btw

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Thanks! And yes sorry, edited.

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Nice to see people flying the Kenya Airways livery!

One of @Igor_M’s favourites hehe



I flew with this livery the first time, such a beautiful livery!

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Truly is beautiful! People need to appreciate it more :D

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Beautiful shots… 5th one really got my attention

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Love pic 5. Kilimanjaro is so beautiful!!!

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