HTC 1 M8

Hey everyone! I bought Infinite Flight today and i have an HTC 1 M8 with android 6.0.
But when i press ok and go fly it doesn’t load it stuck in the loading screen,Infinite Flight Requires android 5.0 (minimum).


Does this happen at every airport? Have you tried clearing the scenery cache?

Here’s how to do it:

Yes i tried these steps i also tried restarting my phone also clearing scenery cache they didn’t work and i can’t reinstall in Play Store i only have two options: Refund the game or stay with it.

Attempt clearing the data of the app in the settings.

Also try putting your graphics to the lowest and once you spawn to your preferred settings.

Looking at your device specifications, I do not believe it is a graphical issue. My Xperia Z3 has nearly the exact same hardware, and still to this day runs IF at full 60FPS Max settings.
Furthermore, graphics would still allow it to reach the “touch screen to calibrate and continue” stage of the flight.

This is a really cheesy solution, but have you checked your network connection? Made sure it’s if a high bandwidth, and that your sign is relatively strong? And also, where possible try and use a mobile data connection to see if you can harbour any different results (IF is quite lightweight on data usage so you don’t need to worry about it Burning through your allowance).

Report back here if anything changes!

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Kirito i have a 27 Mb connection so it should run like a piece of cake

Really? so if i put it to max graphics will it load?

And your phone is 3 GB ram mine is 2 GB ram

IF only uses up 1gb RAM at most, so the difference wouldnt really matter. can you try booting the game on a mobile network, and then also lower the graphics and see if that changes anything?

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Kirito i don’t have a 4G

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