HST (High Speed Taxiways)

I was just wondering, does IF have any high speed taxiways? (HST).

if not, these should be added to the appropriate airports as it would reduce a lot of traffic and the waiting time



Yes - they are the 45° angled taxiways from a runway.


oh ok thanks, could you give me an airport example, also the max taxi speed (should be 60KTS). so i can check it out ;)

So the High speed Taxiway is A taxiway were you can Taxi Fsster?


yes, up to 60 kts.

although its for aircraft that have landed and are ready to taxi.

there are many but in live, if you go above 35 knots. You will get a violation


but HST’s are supposed to be up till 60 kts

KLAX is a good example. The speed of an HST is actually a max of 35kts, any higher, would get you a violation.

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I think it is Hard to Code

but in real life it would be much higher, almost twice the speed.

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I agree it’s probably easier to make a new plane

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you need to change the speed limit of the runway to make it higher. but who am i to say, i can’t even code flappy birds.

Yes, true, but if we’re talking about IF, the max would be 35.


alright, thanks for the help ! i’ll check it out ;)

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@Pradyut_Mandal… MaxSez: Terminology my son… Think you mean “High Speed Exits”. ( Note the location of the hard bar stop line which indicates the start of an IF 35mph taxiway)


I know that EDDM (MUC) has them

You COULD go 60kts on the high speed taxi way but I don’t think a lot of pilots will do that as the max taxi speed on a normal taxiway is 30kts so that speed is the maximum you want to use so you can keep on taxing without using a lot of braking.

The HST is great as the 90 degrees exit you will need to slow down to a maximum speed of 10 knots which can cost valuable time that you are occupying the runway.


actually it’s called “High Speed Taxiway”. Based on the Jeppesen charts.

also, thanks for the other info ;)

alright! thanks for the help! ;)

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@Pradyut_Mandal, MaxSez : I stand corrected. “HST’s” you & Jeppson’s are correct. I live in the IF universes on the Forum. IF has a tendency to modify real world procedure and structure to facilitate programing and the limited aviation related knowledge of the average member. IF will never implement HST’s or. VFR corridors because of the limited knowledge base of the majority of members in my opinion. Well Done, Regards.