HP 757 Retro Theme

This a picture I took, but some how ended up on airliners.net, when I worked for America West Airlines.
An elaborate and eye catching paint scheme. Unfortunately the airplane was a former Eastern Airlines run down 757.

HP 757-2S7 N905 departing from KSNA


Hey! That’s my state! I never new that existed.

Yes sir, once upon a time.

Shame the HP state liveries are now gone.

Yep, now they (American Airlines) fly A320 retro theme jets.
A320 theme jets don’t capture the same awesome feeling like a 757 can.

A320 also just doesn’t look right in retrojets. Older 757 is more suited for the classy liveries

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You’re so right.

Nothing says “'Murica! ___ yeah!” more than that 757

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That’s a gorgeous livery! Someone make a feature request!

Yes sir it is. I miss that plane. That would be an awesome addition to the 757 fleet.

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Did you ever fly her?

Unfortunately, no.

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That’s a shame.

Lol, it’s okay. I got to see this jet and many others all the time. The crews that did fly her informed me she a old and tired bird. I think we had that plane on MX three times at KSNA before it was scheduled for departure, major delays. And grounded on one of those instances.
At HP I worked in management before flying as a job.
I flew for Skywest under UA’s flagship. I was a line pilot on RJ’s(200’s and 700’s) and I started in a EMB120.

At HP I was a operations manager.

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That’s cool man!