How's the expert server now?

As a pilot about to get instrument rated, I understand that this game can’t transfer everything from the real world. I also utilise some knowledge in physics that are semi-realistic that can’t always be performed in the real world. I also noticed that the community is VFR oriented, but I want to shoot some instrument approaches. Will I have a room in the expert server? I don’t mind flying in the training server since the traffic load is much less, and I can do some things that I do in reality but is not available in the expert server due to the high traffic load.

In actuality, IF is more IFR than VFR. As an IFATC controller, 90% of the approaches I give pilots are ILS. Expert server would be perfect


Thanks, but can I advice no star? 777 is chonky and I need to get to lower atmosphere to slow down, so I can’t comply with STAR minimums, but I can comply with approaches. I also shoot more RNAV approaches because I don’t want to change my nav reference (you will fail checkride because of that) and I bet you guys can serve me with that since it’s almost the same course.
Socal: Archer 282HP expect ILS bla bla.
Me: Hey approach can I get rnav instead?
Socal: Archer 282HP expect rnav bla bla.

Yes. If you do not have a procedure or altitudes in your flight plan, you will receive manual vectors and an intercept clearance.

You can do that too. If you input an RNAV procedure into your flight plan, we will allow you to continue on your plan and clear you when acceptable

You would request a GPS approach in this case

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thank you! I will see when I have availiable.

However with regards to your question about not having a STAR in your FPL.

If you are flying into a busy airport (e.g FNF) and the ATIS mentions “STAR / Arrival procedures required” then you must have a STAR in your fpl, no debate.

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