How's the checklist?


A lot of you have requested the checklist and I’ve sent them all to your email!

Would love to know if you are enjoying using them, what could be better etc.
if you haven’t got yours PM me your email address and I’ll get them sent!

Thanks again.


I’ve received !!! Thank you!!

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I learnt them by heart but I stil use them to make sure :P

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That’s amazing! You can always use it now and again just to be sure :)

I don’t know if this is realistic in real life but maybe it would be cool to add ATC commands. That way people that use it will know when to contact certain frequencies (assuming they’re available).

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That’s such a good idea!

Will prevent people from forgetting commands and will allow the to check given commands they aren’t sure about, I’ll get on that, cheers Sean!

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Harry, pls don’t forget the CL for my primary Kite the Caravan when you have time. Thanks, Max

As a matter of fact I was just thinking about that! Saw your tag and thought you might need it in case it started misbehaving!

Hi Harry,

Could I have one please?

Sure thing, I’ll need your email!

Please PM your email, I’d recommend not posting it here (for your own security)

Exactly, easier and more secure.

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Please PM Me your email.