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I hope you can help me out!

le’ts say I have a flight plan from KSFO to KLAX, so I calculate my TOD and when it comes that moment I start my descent however I haven’t able to contact approach, so my question is whether I should continue descending, changing my heading or not. How should I do it properly?.

I appreciate any help on this procedure.

Click the destination airport and there should be a “tune” button for Approach (if you’re close enough).

Please keep in mind you should not be contacting approach until at or below 18,000 feet and 50 nm out.


Do not contact approach until at or below 18,000 feet and 50nm out. If you cannot contact approach just continue your decent and maintain safe distance from any aircraft.

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thank you so much. Just to be sure, so I start my descent normally and then when im at 18,000 feet or 50 NM out, I contact approach (if available) to be instructed.


Yeah that sounds about right

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18,000 feet AND 50NM out.

No use contacting approach when you’re 10 miles from your destination and at FL350 because you forgot to wake up from your overnight long haul.


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