How you guys handling following plane?

Just flown a WSSS pattern and there was a plane that followed me the whole flight. And the collisions have already happened, but this guy did not stop doing this and followed the whole way. This is fine on the casual server but I experienced this on the expert server. Or even after landing, I parked my aircraft, this guy just breaks into my plane. (I attached the screenshot below.

The username of this pilot is PK-CKG, and the identifier is 650A92BF.

Just wondering how you guys handling a flight copy cat like this ?Haha… What i did is just add full oil and fly the long haul and let him just follows.



If this is a continous issue you are experiencing in a session on the Expert Server, it would be suitable to contact @moderators where they will be able to handle the user and keep your gaming experience to the best quality.

Hope this helps 🙃

Thanks for your advice. I will contact mod and i just turned around and disconnect for a while than flying different direction with this guy. Looks like he do not realize yet. Thanks again for your advice.


Hi, I found the user @PK-CKG. You can PM him if you want. Ever since 20.2, the username = IFC name, so you can always search him up if the pilot has a username.


Ignore it. Can’t do much anyway.

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