How Y'all do flight of 8 hours or more?!

Hey Guys, I was wondering how you guys are doing to do flights like London to Dubai on your phone. Is super long and you’re not really doing anything when you are crusing.


I generally sleep. Not that hard to be without my phone when I wouldn’t be on my phone anyway ;)


read a book

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I go out, eat dinner, see friends come back and land😂 I’ve done 50 hour flights, recently just did a 20 hour flight, i got a good sleep, some good meals, watched a few movies, you know i live my life. Not stare at a screen for 10-50 hours


We leave our phones on all night while we sleep.

Later we set an alarm to know when we have to start descending


True, what type of routes do you recommend?

Sleep. Go outside eat. Chill. Live life. Come back and land 😎

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I go to sleep do overnighters, go outside with friends, or I takeoff in the morning and land after school.

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Depends how long you want to sleep. Do anything that can get you through the night. Or if you want to do a specific flight that is shorter, make sure you won’t oversleep. Multiple alarms tend to help me.

It doesn’t really matter as long as you are happy with it. You can always fly the flight either along with the real one or set the in-game time to match the times of the real one if you are trying for realism yet still want to sleep. The first option severely limits your options though.


I either go to school or sleep.

Helpful tip!

If you are doing a long haul flight while you are at school, you can check on your flight progress when you get the chance to useany form of technology like a Chromebook.

That’s what I do to check on my flight


I generally sleep between 7-8 hours Any route suggestions with that time?

You can do JFK to London

I fly on my Ipad, so normally I’ll start a flight in the morning and then have it finish before supper, In the mean time I just get on with daily life.

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Far too many suggestions. LAX-PPT is one I can think of off the top of my head, but there are plenty involving Europe and Asia that work as well.


Let’s use my most recent long haul as an example:
Delta 6 Heavy
Block time: 9:55

I planned a departure time of 12:05 pm, an hour before I made a Simbrief flightplan, reviewed ETOPS alternates and spawned in.
30 min to push, I printed my flightplan, entered it into the sim, entered VNAV altitudes, performance calculations etc.
10 minutes to push:
I went through a departure brief, planned taxi routes, loaded pax and fuel.
Spent about 24 min taxiing and took off 34R on-time. Took about 35 min to get to cruise, and the I spent the next 8 hours making fuel calculations, getting work done, bugging people on Instagram, took a nap, watched the joker, ate dinner and at about 8:45 it was time for an approach brief, I entered the STAR and planned arrival taxi routes. Once I began decent it was time to focus on the many alt restrictions of the IRNMN3 arrival.
And at about 9:50 I touched down and taxied into the gate.
TLDR: I slept, I worked, I ate, I was obnoxious, I kept up with cruise fuel, and I enjoyed the views of the empty ocean.


Hello, what is chromebook.

ahaha I was going SFO-SYD for the FNF on Friday, boy was that a fun day. Went to the arcade and won some prizes, then went with some friends to watch a movie, then went to go eat at the mall and chilled at my friends house for a bit, and came back in time to land. You see, it’s all up to you on what you do.

(true story by the way 😂🤪)

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What Toby (oh wait it doesn’t say his name on his profile. @Jetcentric then) is describing is extremely excessive but yeah, just make sure you can fit it into whatever and are willing to wait it out if you’re awake. If not, just sleep and wake up in time.

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Overnights are dangerous 👀

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