How would you rate my extreme landing?

‘Not Cool’
Beyond Extreme!![/poll]

STORY: I took off from KTOA airport and before I knew it KLAX was right nearby. Problem was I needed to take a turn course into Runway 07R, (runway number was green), so I turned at the last minute, and I was still turning while over the runway at 144kts, and barely turned back parallel to the ground just in time for touchdown. The best part was that the plane safely made contact with the ground, and none of the aircraft was broken and none of the passengers were injured. However, all of the passengers were all intimidated of said pilot (moi). I was flying a 737-800 Copa liverly. The passengers on board reported on interview that they’ll never fly Copa again, even with the extreme but safe landing. What would you’ve said?

Not safe, in these cases a pilot should go around.
But apart from the high speed, this approach/landing wasn’t too scary.
The Canarsie approach to JFK’s 13L is very similar.

The only Copa livery in the App comes with the 737-800 ;)

Well then it’s that one. I’ll edit the post now.

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That’s why.