How would you rate Live?

Are we really dinging the ratings because $50 tablets can’t run the graphics on high, really? That’s pretty low guys. Adjust your ratings based on YOUR personal experience, not the sub-par quality of your tablets. The price is so cheap it’s funny…$5? You spend twice as much stuffing your face at a fast food joint, which gives you the bad case of the trots and makes you feel terrible…

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If you had an app, and you earn money from it, how would you feel if no one bought anything in your app

People do buy stuff. Just £40 is very expensive for a mobile game.

$5 per month for live
$50 per year for live+ including all items considering $50 is 10 months of live instead you get 12, your actually saving $10

It is still very expensive. £4 for a aircraft is very expensive. Especially since not all aircraft are great quality.