How would you rate Live?

Hi guys, I’m trying to decide whether I want Live or not. I know The IF app has good ratings but what if it was just Live. How would you rate it? Please consider the lag, the price, and the general experience.

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Zero lag for me… it’s a totally immersive experience, the ATC adds a fun dimension to flying… and it costs about the same as a sandwich and a can of coke every month.

5 stars from me.


A great experience, amazing for mobile. Only the price makes me rate it four stars.


It’s amazing. The experience, the structure behind the app (community) and the amount of players. It’s never slow on Live, always a lot going on. The price is not an issue for most. There are a lot of young people that will ding ratings due to cost.


Live is amazing, it makes flying on the app so much more realistic. Despite lag at times, it’s a pleasure to do during my free time. The price is also just right, just the cost of a sandwich every month, or just get Live+.

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Brilliant! like @Giacomo_Lawrance the price puts it down slightly but I understand the reasoning behind the prices and I’m happy to pay for it :)


You won’t find a flight sim for mobile experience like it anywhere else. The price is absolutley justifiable when you consider the time and effort that the developers put into the sim and software and the servers required to create this beast. No lag for me although I do use a high end tablet. On my previous phone I would experience a bit of lag in a heavy air traffic area but this was solely down to my handset not the servers


its really great. some lag for me, the price of everything made me rate itr 3 stars though, and the nimrods

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I voted 5 stars assuming that 5 stars is the best.

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Yes, It is, like on Amazon.

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I thought It lagged more, but you guys say other wise.

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Who wouldn’t rate it 5 stars ;)

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I can’t rate it because I do not have live.

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Are we really dinging the ratings because $50 tablets can’t run the graphics on high, really? That’s pretty low guys. Adjust your ratings based on YOUR personal experience, not the sub-par quality of your tablets. The price is so cheap it’s funny…$5? You spend twice as much stuffing your face at a fast food joint, which gives you the trots and makes you feel terrible…

Live is pretty expensive, especially for a mobile game. £40 pounds? You can get FSX for that.

Most pay the monthly, which is not 40 pounds. I’m just saying, the poll was about the experience of Live, not the cost. People are giving it lower ratings due to cost. We should not adjust our ratings based on cost, every one has their own relativity when it comes to price. It should be a poll only based off experience and the money factor should not play a roll in it. That’s up to the member asking the question, whether it’s worth it or not.


havnt been on live for a pretty long time but it was good last time id seen it .

I recon it turns Infinite into a totally different simulator (in a very positive way). Anyway, there’s things you should consider, especially when you’re running a low spec or older device. One thing that I personally don’t like, is that the aircraft only appear in a short distance, and sometimes not even at all. (Could that have something to do with my wifi?).

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Thanks for 100 voters!

Yes, That is the reason I may not want it. My Wi-Fi is really bad.