How would you like to live in a Boeing 727?

That’s exactly what this man did. He took a retired 727 and turned it into his home. He is also planning to do the same to a 747. Look here for more. Oregon man who lives in a Boeing 727 plans to upgrade to a 747 for second home | Daily Mail Online


No never what an fool

I wouldn’t want to live in a 727 but a 737-800 would be amazing! I would make it more modern than he did though.

Someone turned a 747-200 into a hostel at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

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Sign me up right now. Put me in any reasonably sized airplane and I’d be happy, but I woukd especially love a classic. Preferably not one that has been in the desert for a while though. Never know what crawled into the gear bays ;)

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I would like to but not this one, I’ve seen many documentaries about that man and his house and the interior is horrible.

Cool. I want also live in a plane. Does someone know if there is a plane-trade-plattform like ebay? Where the prize starts at 1€ ?

If I were to live in a plane I would choose 767 or 757

Here is what it used to be: SX-CBC Olympic Airways Boeing 727-284 Photo by Donato Bolelli | ID 247735 |

If I were to turn a plane into a house. I would turn a C-5 Galaxy into a house/apartment building

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Instead of a 727

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