How would I use step climbing for long haul flights I sleep through?

I ask this because with the new VNAV feature, the plane can change altitude and calculate VS for you, but it only works for descent in IF. That is a problem, as step climbing uses ascents, and I don’t know if the VNAV will work for that. I keep having to disable step climbs when i file my flight plans, which willl result in my aircraft using alot more fuel. Will VNAV work or will I keep having to disable step climbing unill the VNAV is updated?

Just stay at a low altitude. Hopefully IF will at climbing VNAV in the future

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I use an app called In-Flight Assistant. It is extremely good and one of its (paid) add-ons includes a VNAV feature where you can program specific altitudes to specific waypoints.

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*only on IOS

I have IF assist and IF Passengers. But didn’t know that!

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Very helpful!

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