How would airlines deal with pilot shortage?

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I’ve been doing some research lately, and I see that pilot shortage will be a major problem in the aviation industry in the entire world, for every airline. So I wonder, how will airlines deal with them? Airlines have cancelled some routes because of this, and they got rid of many planes. On top of all that more and more people travel every year, and right now almost 50% of the worlds pilots are about to retire. I think maybe airlines will increase pilots salary a bit, and decrease the amount of flight hours needed to join them. And in the worst case, they might even teach aviation as a subject in school. What do you guys think?


A lot of airlines are opening programs that make it cheaper and easier to become a pilot for them. I know a lot of European airlines are going it, southwest is doing it.


I have a newspaper article, which says that Lufthansa for example gives you 20.000 euro to spend on a car for example, or your study, or a appartment or so. This seems a good way for me to get pilots to them

I wouldn’t complain.


The main problem with this is the cost to get educated and get schooling before even getting to be a pilot…

It an cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get educated, pay for a flight trainer and school. Then when you finally, after all of the money you spent and the hard work hours you barely get payed every year with salaries being very low for start out pilots

What I heard is that some airlines are doing is making flight school and you get the education for free and the flight trainer… but you have to be a pilot for the airline you trained with.

I defiantly think there needs to be a higher salary for pilots if any airlines want to think that they are going to keep there new pilots!

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I always hope they would make it a subject before I leave school:(


If when I grow up, air canada offers free flight training and guarantees that I’d join them right after I finish, I’d definitely be a pilot

Yea, thats what I heard a lot of airlines are doing!

As I stated before, I wouldn’t complain.

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Join Canadian Air Cadets. It gives you a confirmed seat In an Air Canada Express Aircraft

Uhh why doesn’t RAF air cadets do that


Also not only is the number of pilots shrinking but the demand is increasing as the demand for flights increases from:

  • Global Population Growth
  • More people choose flying over rail and road
  • Growing markets in China, Southeast Asia, and Africa
  • More people move to cities
  • More airlines choose the point to point model and use a321xlr and 797 over larger aircraft

It will be interesting to see how airlines adapt to this

I am joining the US equivalent, the CAP.

MaxSez: Not to worry the future of pilotless commercial aviation is bright.
Automation will drive the industry. Almost Pilotless Commercial aircraft are in Revenue air service already. They’ll be a push button station keeper in the left seat only and a Ground Station driving the future fat Trash Hauler on its merry round in most of your lifetime. Trust me & watch the skies, R2D2 is on the drawing board. MaxSends

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I would rather not have pilotless commercial aircraft, to be honest. Hard pass.

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Amen to that, i don’t know if I could trust a computer like that, take MCAS for example

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Exactly my point. If a computer goes faulty or rogue, there’s nothing stopping it.

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I would never trust a computer controlled aircraft.


@Butter_Boi. MaxSez: Airbus anyone! LOL… Max


Like Lufthansa flight school?

Akso, btw, the USA will not make it easier to become a pilot. Cheaper, maybe, but not easier.