How Will you depart 2021 and Land into 2022

The Tittle speaks itself. I’ll be doing a long haul departing before New Years and landing into 2022. What will you do to depart 2021 and land into 2022? Lmk by replying please!



Happy New Year, and have a safe flight. ✈️



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Thanks, Will try to do so😂

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I saw that

I really thought that you would answer that with a sarcastic vibe, but I took wrong

Departing Auckland🇳🇿 arriving LA 🇺🇸


Im probably doing that route Vice Versa. Im either doing
KLAX-NZAA A333 Qantas
or Delta A359 Atlanta to Johanesburg

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I just did this, took off from EHAM and landed in Barcelona at 00:02 here in The Netherlands

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I have been in the air for the past 6 hours flying from London to Singapore (BA). I departed so early to be able to celebrate with my family and not sit at my device at midnight.

I chose this route because I was originally gonna fly it as my first long-haul flight ever, but CoVid destroyed my plans. That’s why I am finishing off my sadness about this by recreating the flight going into 2022, hopefully, a better year!

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Cool! Very cool way to enter 2022 if you ask me

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Sad to hear that Covid had destroyed that plan. But at least you made it through 2021, and can speak with your family and was still able to do your flight. To 2022!🍾🥂

By working, but the view ain’t bad.


Which airport is that, nice shot though. GL on that shift

Hey that’s the Delta Spirit A350-900 😍


Once I wake up in the morning, I will change the tittle to:

How did you Depart 2021 and Land into 2022

Just Planning.

I am Going to Fly around The World With TBM

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Cool, chuckles Good Luck with the stopovers but I think It might just be up to 6 stopovers or more. Unless if you will end the session ig. Happy New Year!

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I work for Delta at SLC. Night shift ain’t to bad I’ve been doing it for like 3 years

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Oh Cool, It’s 2022 for me and I had just departed like 3 minutes away from 2022. Doing the Qantas route. GL on the Night Shift and Happy New Year. I think you still have an hour or 2