How Will We Prevent People Who Haven't Paid For Global From Going Outside Regions?

A friend and I discussed this on Instagram yesterday, here’s what he said:

Him: "Global comes out, and it’ll be free. (I know you think it’s impossible for that to ever happen, but hear me out):

There’s no safe way to prevent people from flying to other places, because Laura said that global will replace the current system anyways. It’ll be impossible to prevent someone from taking off from a free region, and going to another free region and landing there, without them going anywhere else. It’s impossible for them to enforce people who didn’t pay, to not fly globally. I don’t see how they can prevent people from flying globally if they haven’t paid. Which will totally ruin the game and they’ll get like $0 in profits."

Me: “The app will know that they don’t have a global subscription linked to their account.”

Him: “I understand but how will they enforce people from not flying out of the region. Like they said before, global will replace the entire system.”

Me: “They’ll still have throttle cut probably.”

Him: “They said no more regions.”

Me: “Oh, you’re right. There’s a lot to think about on this.”

Him: "Maybe there will be invisible TFR’s above the world that aren’t there in free regions, and if you descend past let’s say 20,000 ft, your throttle gets cut? That’s a way. Have no TFR’s in free places, but have them all around paid ones. And somehow the people who paid wouldn’t be affected by the TFR."

We ended it there and now would like to hear your opinions on this, please post below :)

Shoot em down


Ah Ewan…always goes for the kill.


Shots fired.


The Global option will probably be a completely different server system if they keep Live. It would be like when they added ATC to the main screen. Global would probably be just another mode to use. Similar servers as Live but without a regional barrier.


Remember solo? Would it be a separate mode too in solo?


ALWAYS go for the kill. Shoot first ask questions later.


Wait. Global is going to be a subscription!?


Live prices should probably increase about $10-$15, but Global should be free besides the $15 increase in Live prices. Then there’d be no problem. You will get Global, but only Solo players will get it for free.


Never confirmed, the entire discussion my friend and I had was pure speculation if you haven’t noticed by now.


Oh, ok. I figured that the conversation was speculation, I just thought I’d missed a really important announcement on the forum saying how Global will be paid for.😝

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That oddly makes sense. Maybe it could be structured by airspace, Class A, B, C, D, and E (which would probably be free.) You enter a class D airspace without paying? There goes all your fuel…


Who said we’re asking you? We’re simply looking for opinions of the Infinite Flight Community.

Let’s face it, the devs want money (Don’t we all? :D), but I’m sure they also want to make a great flight sim, and with all the hard work being pushed in global, it’s probably not going to be free. This is a complex problem for a complex team. Guess we’ll just have to wait.

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By “opinions on this”, I mean in depth, the discussion itself, not whether you know the answer or not. #general is used for discussions, a “good discussion starter” is a question.

Their will be a wall that the plane will fly into

Or we will be shot down by a surface to air missile😁


Our large regions are about 200miles wide, about 40000 square miles, and cost $5.

Square milage of earth is about 196.9 million.

196.9 million sq.mi. / 40000sq.mi. * $5 = $24612.5

Global should cost around $24612.5.


Good luck on the Training Server 👋🏼

That’s some good FSX marketing right there.