How will we have enough memory

These are answers Devs have actually given on the forum, not confirmed but not speculation:

  1. Global flight will work by your device downloading scenery areas before you get to them, and also a cache for areas you fly in often so you won’t have to redownload them. -Philippe
  2. My favourite option for doing long flights is an AFK (Away from Device) mode, that other planes and ATC can see- Laura

Even if it isn’t added Autonav is already available 😏

How so? (-:

LNAV has been confirmed for a WHILE

LiveFlightconnect for Windows 😏

Given the fact that LNAV is already confirmed, I wonder if VNAV will be implemented as well.

I would rather not have to go to my PC to engage autopilot and the run back to disengage it when I have to land or when ATC gets a hold of me and gives me a heading. But it’s a non sequitur now. LNAV is coming 🎉

You really like this emoji don’t you. Lol

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It might not work on solo though, as chunk loading may only work online.

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Since us Airport Editors already keep the world on our computers, and that takes up about 250 megabytes, I can say that we’re safe. But with the terrain rendering, the new ATC Airspaces that we’re gonna start making soon, Dynamic Time and LNAV (and hopefully taxiway lights 😋), my guess would be 1.5 to 3 gigabytes…

I think it may be streamed from a server. However, Extreme Landings Pro manages, and that doesn’t take up that much space.

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Did You know a mine craft world is Te size of Neptune? IF should handle alright.

I’m hoping I will be able to get areas offline. My iPad is not connected to the Internet, only a few times a month for a few minutes.

I don’t know the memory it will need.

Extreme landings has a file they place on your memory. About 800mb.

Extreme Landings (no hate please) did a pretty good job of global but it did get laggy at times but I reckon we should be alright. It’s for solo as well right?

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It’s still laggy and buggy. Open ocean lets you descend to negative altitude (-3,000 ft), and it doesn’t make a distinction between airspeed and ground speed. Another thing is that when traveling in speed up mode it kicks you off it (have to reinitialize) when it loads new map area.

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I had no idea about the altitude problem but if there was one thing that ticked me off it was how it adjusted for ASL not MSL altitude. I was always wondering why my aircraft were flying erratically

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Yes that too!

Try flying over the Himalayas on EL and tell me how much fun you had. I nearly stalled 6 times!


I would like this. When I’m on an aircraft, I would love to fly the route that we are flying IRL in IF, and therefore I wouldn’t have wifi.