How will we compete?

Well I can’t really explain it any better, he’s asking if IF should procure more staff to help facilitate a better sim

(In comparison to others)


My biggest complaint with this community is the mere mention of another sim is frowned upon.


he does have a point. it would make sense aswell

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Although I think IF may see an initial drop in pilots that move to other games, I do think IF will continue to grow. It may be hindered at first, but the communication between staff, moderators, developers, community leaders and community members is incredible. Simply put, IF’s been at this for 9 years… MSFS hasn’t, they won’t be able to build a community like this that will be capable of swinging pilots over to their sim. Being concerned about another sim taking what we have is another reason to work harder. There’s only one IFC.

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I have tried X-Plane and I can only spend minutes on that while on IF I can spend hours


Some of the big things that make Infinite Flight stand out from other simulators :

  • Easy to use UI : Xplane for instance has the interactive cockpit, but in my experience, even on bigger devices like iPads, it’s still very hard to go through and control all the systems, especially while also trying to control the aircraft during crucial stages of flight.

  • Smooth and realistic physics : The flight mechanics and physics are excellent in Infinite Flight. The planes are easy enough to control during all stages of the flight as well as being pretty close to their real life counterparts.

  • Multiplayer : The global multiplayer on Infinite Flight is quite often taken for granted. It runs very smoothly and lag is an almost non-existent problem. I’ve gotten to fly formation with people from across the globe without having them lagging and moving in a choppy manner. The ATC in Infinite Flight is also quite often taken for granted. On expert server, we have the IFATC, a trained team of members from across the globe that help to immerse us into this virtual world and give us a realistic experience when flying into airports, from vectoring us in the skies all the way to helping us get around on the ground.

  • The Community : Infinite Flight has this huge community of very helpful people, and the engagement that we have in regards to the sim is truly in another league. On the forum, we discuss many topics regarding flying in the sim, features we want to see in the future which are accompanied by feature requests, all sorts of different events set up by individuals and larger organizations(VAs, VOs, etc.), and an endless amount of help when we need it.

I think the main differentiating factor between Infinite Flight compared to Xplane and Aerofly is that all 3 of these sims target different things. Infinite Flight targets more towards realism with a comprehensive ATC sytem, multiplayer, procedures, and other systems. X-plane and Aerofly target more towards aesthetics of their sims and accompanying their desktop offerings.


Im not sure about aeroafly but ive tried x-plane and it doesn’t hold a candle to IF. The IF aircraft physics vs x-plane aren’t even comparable. Overall IF blows x-plane out of the park.

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As someone who now has the opportunity to fly full a desktop simulator (Prepar3D) on an online network (Vatsim) I would like to share my opinion on this.

Infinite Flight, from my experience, is definitely the best overall mobile flight simulator. It is miles ahead of the competition in the market it was designed to compete against. For a mere $10 a month you get a wide selection of aircraft, global scenery, up to date nav data and airport layouts, multiplayer, professional ATC, and a loving and enthusiastic community.

Obviously, sims like Xplane 11, P3d and later FS2020 will be much more realistic than IF. The aircraft are study level, simulating almost every switch and system exactly to real life. Scenery features custom 3D buildings, high-quality runway, taxiway textures, mesh, etc. Networks and communites such as vatsim provide top-notch ATC service with almost completely accurate voice procedures. But it comes at a cost. The average base sim costs 60USD, one airport scenery can cost 20USD, aircraft can cost anywhere from 60 to 130USD (!!!). Not to mention the thousands of dollars you need to shell out to get a machine capable of running it all in the first place. Is the experience I have on my PC sim better? Of course, it’s miles and miles ahead! But are you willing to empty your wallet for it?

What I have noticed throughout my experience with IF is that sometimes the community traps themself in a bubble and refuses to acknowledge anything outside of it. This I think is the root of frustration for many players. The second one person says “I wish IF had this” or “Xplane mobile is better because…” or even “why are the developers taking so long,” people immediately rush on the defensive and type essays about how IF is the best and that they are just an ungrateful, impatient brat that doesn’t understand how hard the developers work. Then the thread is closed and hushed up shortly after. I might say IF is the best, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to think so, and IF definitely isn’t perfect in every way either. Competition and debate between sims is essential because that’s what pushes everyone to try and create and maintain the best product they can. This means that people in the IF community need to open up their eyes and ears to other sims sometimes as well.

I like the way this thread was laid out, everyone kept relatively cool with their emotions and just laid out their opinion in a structured manner. Empty threats or insults are never the solution. This reminds me what an amazing community IF has. I wish you guys all the best as IF continues to grow into the future~


Yes! I played X-Plane 10 Mobile and I loved the look of Saba’s runway it looked closer to real life than Infinite Flight. I wonder if there is a features request for updated runways and how runways look. X-Plane physics are worse though but I don’t know what real life physics are though 🤣

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We could start to rework every plane with a cabin and then we could do this:

Kinda like X-Plane 11so we are better than the mobile sims that don’t have cabins and you can’t walk around them.

You have to take your hats off to the devs as they’ve done an amazing job and this community feel, we’re probably the only sim that has it.

And to be fair to you you have valid points BUT, you can be sure that the devs already have this in mind and they need planning and they need a lot of time for all those to be rolled out. So what I’ll say is one step at a time…slowly but surely we’ll get there

Yeah, IF has to step up their game. You can’t have a small dev team and a big player base. The world is hard, if your product isn’t as good or better as the other products then people will choose for the other sim. People won’t think oh but IF has a small dev team, so let’s buy the less good sim. But good news, the whole game is being remade with project Metal, so lots of features will come. Like lights, which is really bad that it still isn’t here yet.


Less than 5 years ago IF only had 10 or 11 active flight regions all of which were easily less than 400 nm in length and had no active or live cockpits. In the next 4 years, global has been rolled out with little or no bugs. More than 15 new planes have been added with their associated liveries. We now have live cockpit in more than 10 types of aircraft. In the 20.1 Update we even received SIDs, STARs and Airport Diagrams. The point is it can be frustrating to wait for years for this progress to take place. But we need to be patient. Either you can have a simulator which is jack of all trades and master of none, or you can have a sim which focuses on one area, perfects it, then shifts on to another area.


I just really want to thank everyone for keeping this thread under control. It has been a nice discussion about what we can do better, and what we are better at.

I also think that it is sparking an opportunity for the community to realize that they don’t have to be diehard Infinite Flight fans. I like IF the best too, however we need to realize that there are others out there, as some people already said.

Overall, great job!

I would like to mention, that AeroFly FS does not contain global, so it is rather more pointless to fly airliners in the regions you don’t like flying in. And the newest AeroFly is not compatible with the older iPads anymore.

For X-Plane, it’s rather not the best quality flight simulator. The scenery and the lighting are not very good compared to Infinite Flight, the sounds of the aircraft also sounds fake for the Boeing 737, and the 747 (not sure of this has improved yet). It is not a bad flight simulator though, the use of full global, 3D buildings around us is very nice, but not the best quality. A lot of buildings are repeated, like São Paulo for example.

Infinite Flight lacks a few features such as buildings, better ground textures, terminals, taxiways, clouds etc, but the developers are trying to make every feature just right. I barely remember any feature complaints other than small mistakes, like the tail in the old American Airlines Livery, on the Boeing 777-2ER and device issues. If I could be honest the prices for a subscription costs a lot, but it is worth it to spend time and fly together with a great community, everyday.


Well said. Just saying “we are the best” doesn’t make us so.

We must continue to pursue and make this “simulator” better.


That bit is completely not true. The scenery is better than Infinite Flight by far, and so is the lighting, so are the physics if I might add. The B737 was recently revamped and has an amazing sound pack with buzzsaw and the whole bunch.

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That, I have to agree with too.

I sometimes find the community a bit to toxic on issues like that, where they all suddenly start “sucking up” to Infinite Flight and demeaning the “offender”.


Yeah, that is why I was not sure, I remember these default aircrafts sounded badly.

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That was before that major update that was a game changer.

Realistic physics, more liveries (still not enough imo and definitely not as much as Infinite Flight), realistic lighting, ground vehicles, jet bridges, etc.

In my opinion, this is what really blew X-Plane 10 mobile up and RFS (which is now bigger than Infinite Flight in terms of sales and downloads) too. Definitely something Infinite Flight needs to do.

Infinite Flight always somehow takes really long with updates, compared to other simulators such as X-Plane 10 mobile that do it quickly at the same level of quality.

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