How will VA hubs work in Global?

how will airports with hubs work in Global? Currently, No one flies UA or AA out of ORD, or AA (Used to be US Airways) out of CLT, which to me feels unrealistic in my opinion. I wonder if ATL will be like it’s real life hub doing operations using mostly Delta.

How will Hubs work in Global?

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people will probably put their virtual airlines in their correct area


As Redwings is original VA, we don’t really have a ‘correct area’. However, our main hub will be EGLL, with smaller hubs at KSAN, DNMM and WSSS.

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People will just fly wherever they want to.

I think he means VA’s. :)


Oh ok, real world VA’s will probably stick to their real life bases, while original ones will fly anywhere, I guess.


Full Circle IF hubs:
Europe: LHR
Asia: ICN (FNJ may be added later to reduce congestion)
Oceania: SIN
Middle Ease: DXB

They will use realistic bases. I imagine. As Easyjet President we are going to be using bases around Europe like real life and have flights around. It is up to each VA to decide


As in Singapore? If it is, Singapore is in South East Asia, with of course is part of Asia


Most va’s are already preparing for global like us so we are ready for it

Air Frances hub will be Paris orly airport and Charles de Gaulle airport.

(Air France is is still under construction)

We had to transitioning from a flight number list to an interactive map 😄


Frontier VA, who I co-own with @SkyHighGuys will most likely have all the hubs that Frontier has in real life, as well as ones we find appropriate to add depending on pilots and the community.


At Qantas Virtual we will be using the same hubs as Qantas IRL does as well as mirroring their operations and routes where possible. Its a LOT of hard work behind the scenes getting ready for Global from our aspect! Can’t wait thought, there are some great routes that I am looking forward to flying, especially from Melbourne and Sydney towards New Zealand!

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