How will upcoming aircraft be decided.

Do y’all think there will be a voting system just like the 777? Or will the devs decide which aircraft to work on?


i hope the devs let us choose an aircraft to vote for updating the cockpit or a new aircraft. But we have to be passions with them k

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They had mentioned at the end of the previous vote that they wouldn’t be for every decision moving forward.

We will not necessarily host a vote for every aircraft decision, though we certainly do appreciate and value your thoughts and opinions as customers.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility though for the future I’m sure because they hosted another one a few years back.


There is somtimes a voting system for new aircraft. Sometimes for reworks but the devs mostly pick reworks. Which they are doing GA now then they’ll probably move on to old warbirds then maybe c17 and c130 interior (not cockpit)

They have multiple people so they can do more than one at the same time

They have to keep the commercial aircraft people happy but at the same time the military and GA people happy so they got to do a bit of this and that change it up a few times


I think they decide which aircraft gets developed next depending on what is the most needed and then most requested in the sim.

This has been discussed before and from experience there isn’t a clear cut algorithm for what is next. Many things in Infinite Flight have flowed organically and what makes the most sense. Other times the developers have totally surprised us. I think they pushed some boundaries with the A10, TBM and the XCUB. With those aircraft alone just look at all of the neat additions that came to the simulator.


I recommend checking out the Developer Stream from 5 months ago. Much is explained there by the IF developers themselves.


I don’t know. However, if a poll was set up, I’m pretty positive that #Reworkthe757 will be chosen #1! 😍

(As of now)

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