How will Infinite Flight compare to other flight sims?

Once global comes out, IF will be the first realistic global flight sim on mobile, but how do you think it will compare in the following years to, let’s say X plane and FSX?

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You’re comparing a mobile flight sim and a computer sim (FSX). A bit challenging to compare if you ask me. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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IF will beat mobile flight sims but not PC.

IF still lacks many features that the PC ones have:
-3D Buildings
-Working Cockpit buttons
-Fully functional cockpit
-realistic sounds
-Many more lmfao

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The buttons and movable instruments would be an amazing feature :)

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Let’s be honest here…do we want IF to be the best? Of course. Is it going to be the best of every single flight sim created? Of course not, but for people like me who don’t play PC flight sims, IF will always be the best (mainly because that’s the only experience I have)


I think that IF will definitely be amongst one of the most realistic flight simulators in the world.
I think that FSX and P3D might be a really big competition for IF because they have a lot of realistic features in the sim.
I am aware that most airlines use FSX as their flight sim on the full motion.
An example of P3d

An Example Of FSX

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In conclusion I think that IF will definitely be one of the world’s leading flight sims because of its extraordinary features.

Please give me feedback on my comparison :)

I say that as I have downloaded FlightGear, a free PC/Mac simulator which is open source. Sure, it may be older and somewhat outdated, but the scenery is marginally better (or worse) than IF, and the aircraft (depending on age) may have working buttons (or not). 3D buildings may (or may not) come with good resolution, and the simulator may (or may not) take up a lot of RAM and VRAM. It works about 1/2 the time on 1/2 the aircraft with 50% decent scenery and only for about 2 hours on my computer, but that’s good enough for me (and is still leaps and bounds ahead of IF in my opinion, especially with ALS being modelled).

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I downloaded flight gear on my MacBook Pro 2016 and it ran smoothly although I prefer IF because of its extraordinary community and members.

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Does Flightgear have ‘multiplayer’ option? does Flightgear have ability to act as ATC and interact with other pilots?

It’s all about horses for courses. You can’t compare a mobile flight sim to a PC based one in the same way that you can’t compare a PC based flight sim to a professional full motion simulator in the same way that comparing a full motion sim to the real life aircraft!

I think you can say that IF is the best mobile flight sim and certainly in the top 5 of flight sims available to the general enthusiast.


It does have multiplayer, but I’m not sure about atc.

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Not entirely sure about the ATC option, but I do know that Multiplayer exists.

Best mobile flight sim? Sure. One of the best for the general enthusiast? Depends. FlightGear has some advantages over IF, including that it is:

  1. Free
  2. Works on almost any computer
  3. Has better aircraft (depending on the aircraft)
  4. More realistic weather
  5. Is actually global
  6. Is constantly being updated and developed (the joys of open sourcing)
  7. Is accessible to almost anyone, so long as they have the space for it

While one cannot compare a mobile sim to a PC flight sim, FlightGear isn’t like normal flight sims in that it can be accessed by anyone, so long as they have a computer and the storage space. The whole point was a mobile flight simulator (with mobile referring to portability), and considering I carry my computer with me everywhere I go I don’t especially see a need for IF when my laptop’s ready to go at a moment’s notice anyways.


IF is already the most realistic sim for mobile and tablets…isn’t it?


Yes it is for mobile and tablets although it would be nice for it to be the best of them all for all devices.
Once IF advances a bit more they should release a MAC and PC version to compete with FSX and P3D.