How will FDS implement cabins in the future


Hey guys. The CRJ update has been out for sometime now, and it is truly mind-boggling what they have been able to accomplish on a mobile flight sim. The cabins are especially beautiful and mind-blowing. However, how would this be implemented on say, a future A330 rework or another airliner. The CRJ has 1 cabin for all liveries, and this is ok as RJs tend to have very similar and generic cabins anyway. However, airlines tend to put more elaborate and distinctive cabins on larger wide bodies. Imagine if, say with an A380 rework, you had the cabin being the Etihad Residence, and the livery was British Airways. I imagine that people wouldn’t really like that too much. Also, with large airliners with multiple cabins, would there be more views from the cabins? What would happen with individual cabins and liveries such as the Delta 787, Air Austral A380, and the IF and Generic liveries? Would that prompt the removal of some of these liveries?Is it even possible for unique cabins for each livery to be implemented, especially with something as large as the A380? Would you be contempt with a 1 size fits all solution? Curious to hear all of your thoughts. Thanks!


I’d imagine it would be the same but in generic colors and configuration.


Personally, it wouldn’t bother me if an A380 with the BA config is installed on an Etihad plane. I feel that installing cabins for each individual aircraft would just require too many manhours and it’s not necessarily worth the investment, unless FDS decides to sell these aircraft individually, which I highly doubt due to the nature of FDS’s pricing model.


We will be waiting a long time until we find out what solution FDS comes up with the reworks. but i agree with kevin it will probably be in a generic config with maybe the view only being in the economy class. We may not even get a interior view at all due to capacity it takes up to render such large aircraft such as the A380. But for now it is all speculation.


They would probably chuck a few generic business class seats in the bigger aircraft.


Btw, slightly off topic, but does anyone know what seats they used for the CRJ’s interior and what airline, if any?


If I’m completely honest I hope they don’t add cabins to the bigger, wifebody jets. I love the ability to fly around in aircraft like the A330, 340 and 777 without any bother of lag. I believe that such a big cabin would create a considerable amount of lag on my device, the crj lags a lot itself but it’s still useable (most of the time.) Although it is a great feature I would love to see implemented on every aircraft rework a lot of people don’t have a device with 4gb of Ram and 128gb of storage. Also a lot of people can’t afford to pay for an iPad Pro or an iPhone X and this just wouldn’t (most likely, please correct me if I’m wrong) be useable and fun to fly like they’re today. Maybe FDS can just add a window infront of the camera to give it that indoor cabin look. Especially on an aircraft such as the A380, which can hold upwards of 800 people in an all economy configuration, I can’t imagine my device or maybe any device being able to load all that and all the multiplayer traffic we see at events such as FNFs and ‘fill the airport’ events.
Anyway that’s just my opinion :)


Another that would work would be to add an option where you can toggle it, and you can choose if you want to have the cabins or not.


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