How will Current Live Events scheduled for later in October be affected when Global releases?

I Have a question,

Let’s say you make an event scheduled for later this month:
American Airlines Flights @KCLT - 231200ZOCT17
Server: Training Server 1
Region: Charlotte Region
Time: 1200Z

Now, as the Event is now Scheduled for October 25, 2017 (On a Monday), let’s say, everything is all ready, but then Global releases a couple of days early before the Event starts.
What will happen to the Event, will it continue, or will it be modified to make it more Interesting, or will it still be the same?

I am curious to know, how will Events be affected by Global? Thank you, and have a great day! :)

This is pretty self explanatory and there is no real reason for this post :-)


Whatever the author of the event would like.

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What if global doesn’t come out it October? 🤔

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They’ll stay the same or be cancelled. There’s no set “protocol” it’s up to the author.


No point to this thread, the same airports would be involved.

Thank you for your Answer!