How well does Live+ work when used in India?

I’m moving to India this March, and those of you who have been there must have known about the power cuts, sloppy Internet coverage and other problems there. I have been considering getting Live+ now only, but will it work fine with the Internet speeds we get in India? (Chennai, to be more specific).


Ask @dush19, he lives in Chennai if i remember right.


Live+ subs in india INR 3,197.58

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I am planning on buying Live+ before I leave Abu Dhabi. I was just asking about whether it is lagging and other problems occur.

Dont know, i live in DXB. ask DUSH

Yes, I invited him. Does anyone know?

I dont think its worth getting Live + now since when Global comes out you need the new Live + Global from what I’ve heard.

Live+ works well in india. Its at par with any place in the world.

Haha that’s not true surely! When I went it wasn’t even comparable to any WIFI not even the cheapest in the U.K. And we had the best you could get in India

Well I live in India with Reliance Jio 4G speed of 3.45 Mbps , Airtel 3G of 12.42 Mbps and Vodafone 3G of 6.21 Mbps actually speed those not matter after I exhausted my Airtel I used Airtel 2G(Edge) to fly on live

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Exactly. Speed is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to how well Live performs.

How well does it work with the Internet you get from your modem in India is my question. Not how well does it work with the Internet you get from your Mobile Data.

The internet that you get on the your modem will depend on what service you choose when in India.

I live in New Delhi and have a good FTTH connection which works great with IF. You could choose Broadband as well. As far as I know, Chennai has good Broadband and FTTH coverage but it’ll depend on your locality.

Hope that helps :)


Yes I need a new subscription for global but considering the development speed, I’m sure my subscription will expire before Global comes out. If that doesn’t go the way I said it would the I will just keep it not updated until the subscription goes invalid.

Hello everyone, I looked up the locality I will probably be living in and it has a 4.4 out of 5. Does that mean it has a good internet service speed on an average? By the way, what is the average rating of all the ISPs in India? And which is the best on an average?

Well for obvious reasons you need fast internet, you can’t have slow internet and expect it to work. You need high powered internet for console gaming and it’s pretty much the same for IF Live, if you have lots of people or devices using the internet then you need even faster internet. 16mbps should be fine but we have 70mbps which is currently the fastest as I live I the country side and it’s essential with all the devices we have because otherwise we would have really slow internet.

Still, no. You don’t need fast internet. Response time is a key factor though. You can play Infinite Flight with a speed less than 1mbit/s and it would work as good as id you had 100mbit/s as long as the response time is okay.

My internet speed is 790 kbps. But that can’t possibly be the best it has reached. It has been terrible since October '16.

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Do you mean Megabytes per second or Megabits per second? A bit is one eighth of a byte.

We live in different countries so it’s different but do you mean the ping? Here you want a fast internet or it’s useless for online gaming.