How well does infinite flight run on iPad Pro 2020

Yeah the thing is I’ve got a Mac so do I get rid of the Mac and have the iPad Pro 12.9 inch or keep the Mac and have the 11 inch 😂

If I were you i’d take the 11inch and keep the Mac just for accessibility, although one is a XDR display meaning it’s brighter and clearer, majority of the time you wouldn’t have your brightness on max plus for IF on both devices your settings could be on max giving you pretty good graphics nonetheless, but in the end it’s your decision mate ;)

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Yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking!! All I am really interested is running IF at full graphics with no problems ✈️ Would love to see all those aircraft on the ground at a hub airport 👀

Thanks ! 😀

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Frankly it’s too big for hand-flying, or at least I just haven’t gotten used to it, but seeing IF on a screen the size of my MacBook is pretty impressive.
I find the issue comes from the buttons on IF, they are all in the bottom 1/3rd of the screen so when you are taking off/landing there is so much weight above where your hands are, that it can feel unstable.

One benefit I’ve noticed is that the larger device means you can make much more precise inputs.

@Paul_G @Jxshua it’s Navigraph!


either of them will be superb for infinite flight!!

I mean they are insanely powerful, and for the 2020 iPad Pro, the apple advert went on about how you could do ‘real photoshop’ - which I would imagine would be more intensive than IF?

and with the 2021 iPad Pro, it’s nuts - I mean you’ve got a computer chip in an iPad hahah

really comes down to price and how much you are willing to pay! :)

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Good to know thanks 😆

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Yeah that’s very true! I don’t doubt IF wil run like a beaut on these devices 🙌😍 thanks 😃

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