How well does infinite flight run on iPad Pro 2020

Hi everyone! I am looking to upgrade my device - I am currently using an iPad Pro 2017 (10.5 inch model with home button) and when I first got this it ran infinite flight on full graphics the lot no problems! Now it really struggles to run full graphics - it lags out a lot at hub airports or busy airspace, I’ve had a few crashes again at hub airports & really busy airspace - it has been used a lot over the nearly 3 years I’ve had it!

So I am looking to get the new iPad Pro (2021) but wondered if anyone can tell me how well the iPad Pro 2020 can run infinite flight? Does it run full graphics no problems ? Does it load in every aircraft on live at a hub airport ? How smooth does all of this run at full graphics?

Thanks for your comments! I am intrigued to see if it’s worth the upgrade to the new iPad Pro✈️🙌


Hey mate!

Though I don’t have the iPad Pro that you’re potentially interested in purchasing (2020 model), I can assure you that it will be able to run Infinite Flight at its highest settings. The device sports the Apple A12Z Bionic chip, one of the most powerful chips to exist. It also has the Apple M12 motion co-processor.

That said, if you have the extra cash, I would highly suggest purchasing the newly announced iPad Pro with the Apple M1 chip, as you also mentioned. The thing is an absolute workhorse.

Regardless of your choice, any iPad within the last 2-3 years should run Infinite Flight without a struggle.

Good luck and happy flying!


Hey good to see you!

Ah great thanks for your reply!! Yeah I think I may upgrade to the newly announced iPad the M1 chip looks an absolute beast!

My current iPad has done hundreds and hundreds of hours on infinite flight so I have definitely had my use out of it! It’s such a good iPad but it can’t run IF at fully graphics anymore & wheres the fun in that!!

My pet hate is when I’m at a HUB airport & I can only see 5 or 6 aircraft max even though the setting are on high 😂 then it lags like crazy on the ground & on final when flaring 😂✈️

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Yeah, iPad’s (just as with any device) will show their age after a few years, especially with intense usage.

I definitely suggest trading in your current model to decrease the amount you spend on a new device. If you like to sell things, you can hit up that market too, but be cautious as scams for Apple devices are on the rise (speaking from experience as a seller).

I hope you find a device that suits your needs. See you around!

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Yeah I am definitely going to be trading my current device in 🙌 that will take a good chunk of the cost away!

See your in the virtual skies soon ✈️😀

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Hey! Not sure if the 2021 iPad Pro has been put on the list yet but I would recommend checking out this topic for information about devices for IF!

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Pro 2020 won’t be a big step from the Pro 2018. A12Z is the A12X with one more graphics core enabled. It’s not that it won’t do much, it may be noticeable, but it would seem like saving the money, or getting the new Pro once we see how the M1 does are both more worthwhile imo. Unless you really want the ultra wide camera and the LIDAR scanner I guess.

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Hey bud!

So I own the 2020 iPad Pro, and I couldn’t be any happier with how it runs Infinite Flight. I used to run it on an iPad mini, after the 777 rework came out, it really started to crash and burn. So, I got the 12 inch Pro, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed. As someone mentioned before, the A12Z chip is really good, and I run IF on max settings possible. I have no problems with short haul, medium haul, long haul, or ultra long haul flights. In fact, 2 days ago, I did a nonstop from Dallas to Hong Kong and had no issues. Hope this helps!


Actually reading through this are you sure you have a 2018 Pro? 10.5 was last available on the 2017 model which had the A10X. That would explain why you aren’t getting full settings or some lag at them since the 2018 Pro with the A12X should be more than capable of that. If you aren’t sure the biggest difference would be does it still have a home button? If you are looking at the 2020 pro don’t discount the possibility of getting a refurbished 2018 since as I said the A12X is very close to the A12Z. Tbh I’d say you should get a refirbed 2018, or a 2021, skip the 2020 unless you really want the LIDAR scanner and don’t want the 2021 model, or if you don’t want second hand it will probably be on a lot of sales here. But even then maybe not because the demand for laptops and tablets is at an all time high and supply is very constrained, stores probably won’t have a problem moving that older stock.

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Ah that’s a brilliant thread! Very helpful!!

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Funny that this was the first post to show up on the IFC for me tonight.

My 12.9 2020 pro arrived this afternoon, and my first flight (KBWI-LBSF) went flawlessly.

Coming from an Air 2 and 2017 pro, the experience is absolutely unreal, I cannot get over how much of a difference it makes.

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Thanks for you comment! Yes you are right it’s the iPad Pro 10.5 2017 still has the home button - just edited the post!! But yeah it’s the 10X chip and it has really slowed down now! And I have done hundreds of hours on this iPad so I’m not surprised!

Yeah I think I have my mind set on the 2021 iPad Pro with the new M1 chip! As that’s looks an absolute beast! And I’m my opinion I may as well get the newest iPad instead of the 2018 or 2020 model as that not a huge jump from my current pro - whereas the new M1 chip will be a big jump from my current 2017 iPad !

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Running infinite flight for long periods of time damages your battery faster in apple products. I would recommend using the iPad Pro if you’re willing to replace your battery when your iPad starts dying faster than usual. I’m about to pre order the new 12.9 2021 iPad Pro. I’ll test out IF on the device when I get it in may.


What app is that? on the left

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I think it is ForeFlight :)

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Ah amazing that’s exactly what I wanted to hear! My 2017 pro used to run IF like a dream, but now it’s good but I am one of those people who wants to run the game at full settings without any lag etc - just to make it that much more realistic and fun!

Glad to hear it, I think I am going to order the new iPad Pro that’s coming out. What’s the 12.9 screen like? Too big or just right? I was going to go for the 11 inch but I’m torn between the two now!
Have you got a picture of it running IF so I can see how big it is?

Thanks 🤪✈️

Yeah I noticed that! Though after having my iPad Pro 2017 nearly 3 years , the battery life sucks when running infinite flight - however, when I am just using it normally it is still really good! But using infinite flight intensely like I have been doing for the past 3 years has taken its toll on this iPad!

Yeah I am going to order the new iPad Pro - I’m torn between the 12.9 pr the 11! I am worried the 12.9 will be too big, as I have a 13 inch Mac and I’m just imagining is will be the size of that 😂

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12.9 inch would be a bigger screen probably leading to better internals per-say, but it’s a big device to carry around, whereas the 11inch is smaller and more manageable especially if you are going to take it out a lot, i think performance wise the 12.9inch would be better but manageability the 11inch would be better. (this is my personal opinion)

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Its almost the size of a MacBook screen you can’t even tell it looks the same. I just sent in my order pre order opened up at 5 am pst in the US so 29 minutes ago.

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Yeah I second that! It’s a tough one - I wonder if there is much difference with the 12.9 being a Liquid Retina XDR mini LED screen where’s as the 11 inch just being Liquid Retina 🤔