How well do you know the NATO phonetic alphabet

Test your knowledge of the NATO phonetic alphabet with this quiz. I scored a 20/26. Post your scores in the comments below.
FYI, all credit goes to the creator of this quiz.

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Easiest quiz ever

I got hung up on Quebec cause I didn’t know how to spell it.

100% :)

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@Kevin_Potthast, You got me by 2 seconds…

Well now everyone has the answers so it turned into a typing test :)


true. I self-taught it and have now sucessfully memorized it :)


Me too! It makes everything so much easier knowing it.

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Now let see who is the fastest

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if we’re making this a typing test, I win ;P

Aww man you beat me.


I thought I was slow too (1fingerftw)

I got all of you guys beat.


Edit: not even sure why I cropped the answers out since everyone knows them now anyway…but whatever

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It isn’t that hard 😬

My try:

How well do I know the NATO phonetic alphabet?


Pretty well, aparently…

(edit: improved my time)

The timer counts down from 5 minutes so take your time left over (in your case @A_Plane_Guy 03:35) from 5 minutes.

So @A_Plane_Guy your time was 1min 25secs

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