How well do you know the big bird?

Do you know that the A380 has two full-length decks that total 6,000 square feet, 50 percent more than the original jumbo jet, the Boeing 747? The wingspan of this huge airliner barely fits inside a football field and its four engines take this 560 ton aircraft to a cruising altitude of 39,000 feet in less than 15 minutes, a surprisingly smooth ascent for such a bulky plane. Want to test your knowledge about some interesting facts of this amazing airplane? Try this quiz. I did it (but only got 4 correct!)

A380 Anniversary Quiz!


Can you add some substance to your post instead of just a link? Background, what is it, your thoughts…


Good quiz, thanks for the link!

yes its very confusing and perhaps swap the title and description

I got a three, “flying desk” (according to the answers)

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I actually have two decks of cards from the first a380 Flight. Pretty cool stuff! It was gifted to me by my mother’s childhood friend.

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Some questions are Heathrow based so it’s hard for those who doesn’t live there

I ended up with 6 correct. Apparently I’m some sort of avgeek now because of it…

@Matthew_Chan I live in the united states and the only Heathrow based question I missed was the one asking which airline had not yet landed an a380 at heathrow…

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Got 7/10 = Secret AvGeek.

Might as well add a poll
What score did you get?

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Got 7 correct. Nice quiz! Thanks for sharing it :)

I got 5/10 correct, not bad, but I need to learn more about that big, gigantic, and majestic beast!

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