How We Roll at SFO

Hey guys!
I have a simple but amazing topic for you all. A few weeks back, I was controlling KSFO on the expert server and did my best to set up some nice parallel departures on the 1’s as well as some beautiful takeoffs and landings on the 28’s.


An Aer Lingus A350 departs 28L as an Aeroflot MD-11F departs 28R.

A United CRJ on short final as two Delta aircraft parallel depart the 1’s. Typical SFO style!

Thanks for viewing! As always I am open for feedback.

Stay safe and healthy!


Dang! Nice picture!

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Nice pictures mate :)

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The fact that SFO has 4 runway intersections and every runway is used just as much as the others freaks me out. I wonder if there has been any collision before.

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Beautiful picture !!

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The way we roll at SFO is by going to SJC instead.

I do like that MD-11 though.