How We Moderate

Very well written. It’s nice to know what our leaders get up to :)

beautiful words, but in reality to me have been eliminated 2 topic without any reason and explanation, you talk about communication, I have tried several times to send messages to moderators to ask for explanations and I never received answers … including you.


I always leave explanations unless someone gives the reason for closure in the comments, and it is apparent.

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I’m seeing an excessive number of flags for things that are down right silly. Like memes or other aviation related humor etc. I get why they are flagged, but come on, are we really trying to be so uptight?
Most are simply not worthy of being flagged, hidden or removed. One guy messaged me all worried about being flagged and his post hidden because of a totally harmless meme. I get a bunch of these messages each day. I felt bad for him, and thought that it wasn’t a good way to treat people.
They aren’t offensive, racist or in any way distracting from our core values. It’s creating an increasingly unwelcoming atmosphere and I think we need to lighten up a bit more. Hit the disagree button a little more. Let it go a little more. That said, I’m not going to enforce the types that are just benign. I welcome others to do the same.


May I add that even it is a waste of your own time and our time to flag something if you are pretty sure we will disagree with it anyway 😊


Not fond of the analogy, but if it’s faster to ignore something harmless, then that’s probably the better choice.


Can you tell me for each one the reason
I mean for Example
IF ghosting for session: not following instructions
60 min: bad Callsign

It’s more of a tally thing. Most things would just get a day (swearing, spamming etc). Each time it happens again we would just go up in suspension time.

More serious things such as racism as a good example will either get you 30 days or longer straight away or a permanent ban from the forum.


I have a question! I’ve noticed something. What is "You Cannot Log In With That IP address, when they’re not suspended?

Just contact a mod when you encounter that… There’s always a possibility your IP is a proxy IP


Mine was a 30 day suspention but it felt like a year this is why I don’t make jokes anymore I really don’t want to get a suspention again

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Until 2177.

There is a 1000 day suspension … Thats until 2019! 2 whole years, maybe 3!

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3 days felt like a week to me!

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The year 2177. In 160 years.

Yes, but I don’t see a suspension on a user for that long … What’s the point of a suspension that long anyway? I don’t think anybody has lived for more than 130

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So that they can never go back on. I forget who got the suspension, neither would anyone want me to do so, even though the person will never be around long enough to be able to strike.

Well, that’s pretty long! Why? Just delete there account?

@moderators, can you make this globally pinned. (Or the option to make it globally pinned)