How We Moderate

As you may be aware, we spend a lot of time behind the scenes deciding on our moderation style. In light of this, we would like to be more open on how we moderate the forum. Please use this as a reference point to help people understand how the forum is moderated. If I have missed anything, please comment below and I will happily add it.


We keep it structured using suspension as a last resort. We inform the rest of the moderators before suspending and get their opinions, trying to get a balanced view of if we should suspend or not. Suspension times go as followed:

  • 3 days
  • 7 days
  • 30 days.

Longer suspension times are not be used apart from in specific circumstances. In these situations, we look to seek advice from Philippe or Tyler.


We like to try and diffuse situations by talking to the person via PM. We look to try to understand the persons situation and give leeway if we feel it is needed. Bear in mind that as a moderator, we always think about the situation and impact on the forum as a whole too. Making the most of the forum FAQs, TOS and privacy pages is something we will look to increase. This is to help members understand the issue present from our point of view.


We always give a pre-warning first using effective communication to work out the situation and try to understand it from the members view point. If the issue persists, we give a formal warning. When giving a warning, we state the clear reasons for it and try to explain them in full. A negative response via PM to a warning is not something we suspend for by itself, however it will not help your cause. Feel free to ask us for more reasoning and feel comfortable to disagree with it in a formal and polite way, however we as moderators do reserve the final judgement.

Deleting or Hiding Threads?

We delete threads that are offensive, racist, sexist and so forth. In these circumstances, skipping the structured suspension method may be something we do. We inform the rest of the moderators and Philippe if there is a situation like this occurring as soon as possible. As moderators, we may also take screenshots of the comments as evidence in case we feel the issue needs to be taken further.

Other threads such as arguments, ATC complaints and so forth will be unlisted and closed if necessary. In ATC complaint threads, please do not comment unless you’re authorised to (if you don’t know if you can, don’t). ATC mods may chose to close the topic at any time as they are now TL4.

’Self Moderation’

Obviously, we don’t just do as we please as moderators. Sometimes, however, we may notice the moderation style of another moderator is a little different to ours. In this case, we do bring this up between us. Issues such as too much deleting, potential bias or how we respond to comments by members (and many more things) are a good example of recent issues we have discussed.

We also check the logs periodically to see what action we have been taking and whether one moderator is doing all the work (it is more equal than you think). If you have an issue of the moderation style of a specific moderator just let us know via PM and we will happily discuss it.

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Misha for president 2016.


Thank you for the explanation, very interesting!


This is not the place to apologize.


Thanks for posting this Misha. Hopefully this will clear some issues and get everyone on the same page. :)

What happened with a block. Are you allowed to give me one person who was blocked recently or at least the difference between suspension and block

One someone is suspended they can’t log into their account. When someone is blocked they can log in and do everything, but they can’t comment on public threads.

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What was the longest suspension someone has ever gotten. And for suspension how do you insure that they don’t log back in

They can’t log back in, the system doesn’t allow it.

But how? Also what was the longest suspension that has been given?

A really long time haha.

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100 years? if I remember correctly

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Very well written. It’s nice to know what our leaders get up to :)

beautiful words, but in reality to me have been eliminated 2 topic without any reason and explanation, you talk about communication, I have tried several times to send messages to moderators to ask for explanations and I never received answers … including you.


I always leave explanations unless someone gives the reason for closure in the comments, and it is apparent.

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I’m seeing an excessive number of flags for things that are down right silly. Like memes or other aviation related humor etc. I get why they are flagged, but come on, are we really trying to be so uptight?
Most are simply not worthy of being flagged, hidden or removed. One guy messaged me all worried about being flagged and his post hidden because of a totally harmless meme. I get a bunch of these messages each day. I felt bad for him, and thought that it wasn’t a good way to treat people.
They aren’t offensive, racist or in any way distracting from our core values. It’s creating an increasingly unwelcoming atmosphere and I think we need to lighten up a bit more. Hit the disagree button a little more. Let it go a little more. That said, I’m not going to enforce the types that are just benign. I welcome others to do the same.


May I add that even it is a waste of your own time and our time to flag something if you are pretty sure we will disagree with it anyway 😊


Not fond of the analogy, but if it’s faster to ignore something harmless, then that’s probably the better choice.