How was your first good approach controller.

Ok. I must give props to this approach controller, so about a month or so after I got infinite flight, I became a grade 2. Now I still didn’t know that IF had a community. I don’t remember the user name of the approach controller. It was at San Francisco.

If I were to go back and watch the replay I would be 🤬ing myself like crazy. I was dumb when I turned grade 2, and I feel bad for that poor approach controller.

I know it’s not very descriptive but I’m not good at telling stories.

How was your first approach controller?

I highly doubt anyone remembers who their first Approach controller was. And if you do, props to you. You have a godlike memory.


Yep. I have nooooo idea. That was like a year ago and like 500 flights ago😂🤷🏾‍♂️

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I appreciate the effort here, but this is an oddly specific answer we’re looking for and asking folks to remember say 4-5 years back. For what its worth, I don’t remember who was controlling for me back in 2014. Controllers come and go. There have been some good controllers who are no longer with us and some that are still with us to this day. Lets continue to appreciate the controllers who volunteer countless of hours to make each day enjoyable for those on the Expert Server.