How was your first go-around experience?

So, some backstory:
A couple of months ago, I experienced a go-around at Frankfurt airport because of Windshear. It felt like the most extreme thing I’d ever experienced on a plane. The power of jet engines (and sound) is just the next level. So, I’d like to hear about your first go-around experience. (if you ever had the fortune and misfortune of experiencing one)


I always wish for one when I fly, never have experienced one 😂


It was on an MD-90 at BWI… it felt like we were on a rocket, and I saw the airport getting further from us, it was really steep, and it was really beautiful because it was late at night (9 or 10 pm). Some passengers looked a little worried, but I knew from my experience of watching every episode of the Smithsonian Channel’s Air Disasters that the pilots made a good decision.


Probably around 6-7 years ago, American Airlines 777-200ER landing at LAX on 24R. I think the aircraft that was ahead of us couldn’t exit the runway in time so we went around. The RR Trents were amazing.


Yeah, and if they don’t, it’ll be “brighter here” [play ridiculously inappropriate happy music]😂

Anyway, I’m the same as many. I always hope to get a go around, but never in the how many ever flights I’ve been on had a single one!
Once I thought we wre going to have one. We were on a Virgin 787 into Orlando, and there were CBs everywhere. The TAF had been predicting windshear, METAR reporting it too. It was really turbulent, but we continued.


AerLingus A330 2 years ago! It was really windy on approach into Dublin and we had to do a go around! It was incredible the noise the engines made as they roared back into the air! Watching the airport come out of view was really cool! Funny enough we were still on time!!


The only time I got a go-around was when we were on approach into BIKF. Iceland and its weather is quite unpredictable and although originally when we were starting our descent it was just mainly heavy overcast but by the time we got to below 5,000 feet you could barely see the winglet. We were still making our approach and on the IFE in the flight stats section we were only at 1,000 feet and you still could not see the ground. About 15 seconds later though those 757 engines spooled up and we went around, had to circle for like 15-20 minutes before making another landing which was succesful.

The good thing that came out of this experience though was I got to hear the RB211’s at high power again!


This is the only one I was old enough to remember, and likely the only one I’ve ever been in, so yeah.

I was flying easyJet (an A319) from London Gatwick to Madrid. We made it all the way down to the flare for touchdown. Nothing too exciting, but as we flared, a gust of tailwind pushed us a little too far down the runway. I heard the engines power up and we started climbing. I was filming at the time for IGTV, and got a little too excited to the point where my phone tapped the window and the vibrations shook the camera. But oh well, it was fun, even if the engines powering us were CFM-56s. We landed the second try.


I’ve seen a JetBlue go around at KSAN from KBOS, but I’ve never experienced one.


I believe I have a video somewhere.

HKExpress flight from Seoul to Hong Kong. Hugeee Typhoon in HK causing 3 go-arounds and a hold for 50 minutes. We landed finally surprisingly smooth!


Does training count?


First and only one was just in April 2017. Flight from Baltimore to Buffalo on a Southwest 737-700. There was a sizeable storm over Buffalo, and we got to probably within thirty feet of the ground (that’s what the pilots said at least) before they decided to abort the landing and go around. It was a 737, so not really anything special, just felt like a takeoff but more powerful, probably due to less weight, very loud though. I guess the pilots didn’t want to re-attempt landing so we end up diverting to Pittsburgh.


And this is why we had to deal with Andrew for a few hours…

30 minutes*

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Still too long 😜

Yeah, 30 minutes is a long time to spend at a garbage airport. Glad Southwest got us out of there fast 😜.


Well that was a two way street…

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Not as bad as ORD tho lol…
Diverted there once, never again.


Just a typical Southwest go around at SLC…

But 3 times tho…

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Haven’t had a go around before ☹️
But apparently it’s a long go around at my home airport (KSNA) because of all the airspaces and the restricted ones.
Though on my last flight connecting in Phoenix I thought we would go around because the plane banked way left just before touchdown. The one time I wouldn’t want a go around because I had a short connection time