How was your first flight in Infinite Flight?

I want to know how everybody’s first flight was. I know mine went less than well. It was like this for a bit but i caught on eventually. Was your first one like this, or did it go better, or worse?


Is this meant to be your first flight in real life or first flight in IF?


It’s in general, so most likely in Infinite Flight 🤷‍♂️


My first flight went pretty well however, landing failed and I landed short of the runway at EGBB.

He’s fairly new here so probably in IF.

My first flight was in a Cessna 172, flying in the free SanFran region. January 2014


If so, boy oh boy wowee that was a long time ago


Yeah, all i remember is crash landing the space shuttle every time


@Ashea58 where did you fly to/from? I did a short EGLL - EGBB as my first online flight before joining the VA virtualBlue. My first ever solo flight was a really short KSFO - KOAK but at landing I crashed.

I think, mine was in an A-10 at Somersby Airport in the Sydney region in solo. I took off and stalled out straightaway. That was a long time ago


Oh boy, that was half a decade ago, literally! I was on a Cessna 172 doing a test landing in runway 30 of KOAK, I still remember because its one of my favorite places to land until this day. It wasn’t a bad landing, but it wasn’t a good one either, but it didn’t go as bad because I was already flying on X-Plane 9 at that time. Gosh, time flew faster than an F-22 going at Mach 2.5!

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completely smashing an a330 into the ground


Really really bad I didn’t know where I was flying to but it was from KEWR I stalled right after takeoff

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My first flight was when I was 8, and I basically crashed before I even took off!

I have one word for you;

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Back in summer of 2014, my first flight for Infinite Flight was in the B737 (the very first version with only Canyon Blue Southwest). I spawned at a gate and pushed the throttle up to full. Frustrated that my plane wasn’t moving, I thought Infinite Flight had a bug until I hit the “Brake” button. Well, let’s just say that aerobatic maneuvers were a part of that flight. XD

I TRIED (emphasis on tried) to go from KORD to KORD. The reason for this is because i maybe went full throttle just a little, and maybe jumped off a hill like a ramp just a little, and maybe tried to take off in a Citation X at 120kts, and maybe stalled and crashed after about a minute.

Your first IF flight

I bought Infinite Flight on October 23, 2013. Don’t remember my first solo flight, that was 4.5 years ago.

According to my logbook, this was my first live flight:

Date: 23.10.2014
Plane: Boeing 737-800
Route: KPAO - KHAF

Got 9 violations on my very first flight. I think that summarizes it pretty well. Most of them were probably airspace violations. You weren’t allowed to enter Class Charlie airspaces back then, after you just started.

Around 10% of all my violations were created during my first flight. Today, I have 30 of them. And 75% of all violations, I’ve got during the first two weeks.

I just noticed, I bought it exactly one year before my first live flight, what a coincidence.

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My first flight was in a Delta b767 from KSFO to KOAK

I think I took a LH 748 (on a friend’s phone) around San Francisco region and yeah…