How was your first crosswind landing?

I remember my first crosswind landing back in 2014 and it was stressful lol. How was yours?

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I remember back then when I would just use APPR all the time. Then I convinced myself to start practicing landing manually. I would practice how to intercept, maintaining the glideslope, and the centerline. All of this was with 0 weather interferences. I started by adding more wind, changing the wind direction, and I got better over time. Of course my first time was horrible, but now I can very comfortably land in direct crosswinds.


Thats how it is buddy. Practice makes perfect! I had many horrible landings until i managed to get hold of my aircrafts and get them down safely.
Happy flying

No rudder ao I landed with 5/10 centerline, but still greased

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My first crosswind landing was a fail. I accidentally had my heading still turned on without realising so as soon as I touched down my aircraft just ended up sliding off the runway lol!

I actually haven’t had A BIG crosswind landing.

I think the hardest crosswind I’ve ever had is about 30 knots.
I have been always be able to land the plane with high crosswind, but not correct on the centreline.

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I was landing at KMDW in a Southwest 737-800 from PANC, on Southwest Virtual. The crosswind was 104 kts with low visibility. I landed at -698 fpm


Hahaha it happens

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